One Hot Mamma

Everybody has some sort of hidden erotic fantasy that they do not reveal to other people. For most men, it’s MILFs. MILF is one of the most searched adult film topics.

MILF (“Mother I’d Like/Love to Fuck”) pornography is its own classification.  The actresses in this category are usually women between the ages of thirty to fifty. However, many actresses started making these types of films at age 25. The setup is primarily older women with younger lovers, including males and female. The United Kingdom even has its version “yummy mummy”.

Actresses of this particular genre have their own awards. Examples of these include: the XRCO “MILF of the Year Award”, the AVN “MILF/Cougar Performer of the Year Award”, and the Urban X Award for “Best MILF Performer”. Other countries have their versions of MILF awards as well. Japan gives out an award for “Best Mature Actress”. The 1999 film American Pie made the term MILF popular in referring to “Stiffler’s mom”.

Not all MILF’s are created equal in society’s eyes. There are the happy-go-lucky-flirts of the group. Some people refer to these women as “Stacy’s mom”. They have it going on, and who can blame them. These women have an exuberance of sexual confidence. Then, there are the cougars who are thought to be predators. They are presumed to have known better.

 The most shocking aspect of the MILF paradox is how many moms themselves have embraced the term. We are surrounded by the evidence of this. The 25,000-plus MILF-branded mugs and tee shirts on Café Press, popular hot-mamma books, songs, and the ever evolving contests are examples of this.

MILF fantasies are believed to connect to a desire for a mature, confident and more experienced lover. They lust for someone who can play the role of a leader and take control. They want more than just a dominatrix. Men yearn for a nurturing lover not just a powerful one. The rising popularity of MILF porn is not indicative of a universal desire for sex with their mothers. Instead, these fantasies are more about confidence and sexual mastery.

According to 2015 Pornhub stats, “MILF” was the fifth most-searched topic and “mom” was the sixth most-searched. A once-taboo sexual fetish became and continues to be a widespread, politically accepted concept. As long as the forbidden fruit is desired, MILFs will continue to grow in popularity.