MILFs or (Mother I’d like/love to fuck) have taken off in popularity in the past decades. This genre is not only widespread in the porn industry. However, it has taken flight in pop culture as well. When you think of a MILF, what show or movie comes to mind? One thing is certain, there is no shortage of these mom like figures. Let’s look at some of the hottest MILF’s in Hollywood.

Kate Beckinsale: This London born English actress is fit, with flat abs, a tiny waist, and flawless skin. She has been described as “yummy”, and “steamy”. She is well known for her starring roles in Pearl Harbor, Serendipity, Aviator, Click, Van Helsing, and the Underworld film series.

Salma Hayek: Although only 5’2”, this Mexican born actress has curves and breasts that will make men want to cry. She is just as hot today as she was ten years ago. She is famous for her roles in From Dusk Til Dawn, Wild Wild West, Grown Ups, and The Hitman’s Bodyguard.

Sofia Vergara: This Columbian-American actress is the pure definition of the term sexy.

She is known for her roles in Four Brothers, The Three Stooges, and Hot Pursuit as well as the series Modern Family.

Jessica Alba: This American actress and businesswoman is known for her olive skin and sexy body. She is famous for her roles in Honey, Fantastic Four, Good Luck Chuck and the Spy Kids films.

Heidi Klum-This German-American model and actress is best known for her beauty and perfect figure. She is popular for her role as a judge on Project Runway and America’s Got Talent.

Alessandra Ambrosio-This Brazilian actress and model is infamous for her perfect figure and her role with Victoria Secret and in Casino Royale.

Natalie Portman-An Israeli-born American film actress, producer, writer, and director is recognized in her role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Thor and Star Wars.

Megan Fox-An American actress and model renowned for her part in Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Cindy Crawford-An American model and actress who was named one of the 100 hottest women of all time by Men’s Health and number 5 on Playboy’s list of 100 of the sexiest stars of the 20th century.

            Hottest MILF’s, what more could you ask for! These enticing, sexy, hot, mammas are bound to make you want to be bad. The above mentioned vixens will make you glutton for punishment.